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Sell event tickets faster with high converting campaigns.

We help you make money from events by enabling you to sell you tickets faster with our powerful conversion assets.

  • Sell Tickets

  • Make Money

  • Grow Fans

  • How Eventblitz works?

    Eventblitz is one of the easiest, fastest and most effective ways to sell your even tickets.

    Update Event Info

    Once you've signed up you've to fill in the basic event details such as type of event, location, payment info etc.

    Build Event Page

    Design the event page according to your brand, add conversion assets, such as timers and exit pop ups.

    Launch Your Event 

    Share the event page on social media or in your network. Draw traffic to the page and make sales.

    Ready To Run Profitable Online Event Campaigns Starting Today?

    This is the time to finally move away from traditional event pages that doesn't help you sell and use something which is more conversion focused.